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I’ve been having a crappy weekend, health-wise. Luckily my migraine (which will dissipate for a few hours and then come creeping, not roaring, back) isn’t severe enough that I can’t do my regular things. I was able to spend some good QT with Jim this weekend, even if some of that time included watching an abysmal movie. I spent time outdoors, got my first-ever new book order from a book wholesaler (my first big event is coming up and so my first shipment arrived—feels so exciting!). I had some good meals and a barely-necessary, completely wonderful, indulgent nap yesterday afternoon. So I’m thankful.

But I’m still a little bummed. My sister just moved to town (hooray! She’s a 4 minute walk away instead of a 16-hour drive!), and I’d wanted to hang out with her more this weekend. Some friends had parties and rock shows, and I wasn’t able to stay up late enough to attend. In some cases, I could have shown up, but I would’ve been operating at about 70%. I missed my Saturday volunteer shift at the library, which makes me upset because I don’t like letting people down and I really enjoy spending a couple hours at the Library Store, where patrons can purchase books and gifts and have all proceeds go to the library.

So even though this migraine didn’t knock me on my a**, it still put a damper on my weekend.

That damper was lifted when I started sifting through recent blog comments that needed to be moderated. (I must approve all comments before they post online, and I’m not always so good at remembering to check for new comments—sorry if you’re someone who’s been waiting to have her/his comment posted!) You guys are going through so much and you still have the time to reach out to me and share your story. Sometimes you just write a little “hang in there” message; at other times you say things that bring me to tears, things like, “At last someone understands me.” You mean so much to me and I’m grateful to have you in my life, even if it’s just through this blog.

Stay as healthy and positive as you’re able, and don’t ever hesitate to reach out and say hello or let me know what you’re going through. By sharing stories we become stronger.

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