The face of rejection

That's me, all right. With renewed hope and energy, I applied for an insurance plan yet again a few weeks back. Last week an agent from the insurance company called me to talk about the medications I am on now (as well as the ones I have taken for the past three years). I was honest and straight-forward while also telling the extremely helpful agent how much this would change my life, to actually have insurance again. I told her how I hadn't even had to fill my triptan prescriptions yet because of all the free samples my doctor gives. I told her how I'd weaned myself off of some expensive drugs months ago and had no interest in starting them again. I assured her that I was still taking measures to prevent Migraine attacks, but that instead of being expensive pharmaceuticals, they're herbs and vitamins I pay for out of my own pocket.

She spoke as if I would be covered. I assume that tone is easier to take, rather than beginning each explanatory sentence with, "If you are chosen as someone we'll cover, then this is how it will work..."

I had high hopes. I thought that THIS time it would work. My hopes were diminished a bit when she ended the call by saying, "All right, Janet, I'll report all this information to our underwriters and get back to you." Underwriters look at the number of meds and the various diagnoses you have. In my experience, they don't really factor in how badly someone could be helped by insurance--that would chop their profits in half, I'm sure, were they to accept those that needed it for frequent care.

In any case, I got a letter back on Saturday afternoon, indicating that the decision was made by the underwriters almost instantly. After all, they must have sent the letter the day I spoke with the agent, given the turnaround time. The answer? NO. The reason? A history of chronic Migraine disease and various prescriptions medications on my record prevented me from being approved.

Duh, that's why I need it.

I've been putting off watching Michael Moore's Sicko since I've been pretty sure it'd really piss me off. I think I'm ready to be really angry about this. Maybe I'll rent it this week.


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