Unsolicited advice

I've found the more I learn about Migraine disease--what it is and what it is not--the stronger my tendency to deliver unsolicited advice to strangers and friends alike.

Just tonight, a friend mentioned "headaches from acute sinusitis." My first instinct was to respond with, "Did you think they were sinus headaches? Did your doctor say they were? Sinus headache is actually not a valid diagnosis. You could be having Migraines."

My friend (and former professor) has been getting terrible, debilitating headaches more and more in the last couple of years. One of her nicknames is "The Human Barometer." All we informed migraineurs know this is a huge indication she's probably suffering from Migraines: debilitating pain that makes her sensitive to ordinarily tolerable stimuli, getting awful pain each time the barometric pressure shifts? A self-diagnosis of hypoglycemia because the pain rears its ugly head each time she misses a meal? She sure sounds like a candidate for Migraine disease diagnosis.

I've eagerly pushed for her to see her doctor to discuss a possible Migraine diagnosis, but, last I heard, she wasn't buying my argument. I felt I was physically restraining myself from pummeling her with a long list of signs and indications that one might be getting Migraine attacks. I tried to keep it easy, but I wanted to cry, "I love you! I hate that you're hurting! I think I know the first step to getting you better: figuring out for sure what you have!"

My sister has been getting Migraine-like headaches recently. Her over the counter painkillers aren't fitting the bill, and when she describes the headaches they sure do sound like Migraine. With a family brimming with Migraine sufferers plus a history of childhood headache, she sure is built for adult Migraine disease. But, as yet, she's not gotten a diagnosis. I want to force her to go to the doctor to figure this out; if it is Migraine, there's probably an acute treatment she can give herself when in pain. She doesn't have to suffer!

I always stop myself. I hate sounding preachy. This is one of the reasons I have proclaimed myself "The Migraine Girl"--I feel sometimes I am speaking from the standpoint of someone whose whole mission is to cut down on Migraine frequency and severity for myself and others. I want to spread the word, to share the gospel. But, in truth, a lot of people don't want to hear it. And I should respect that.

I wonder if anyone reading this has had trouble with this: seeing the signs in other folks but not wanting to go off on your Migraine disease diatribe.

Anywho. That's all.

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