Warm winter weather and the migraine brain

The weather here has been unseasonably mild since late fall. Granted, things never get all that cold here in my part of Georgia, but we almost always have a handful of icy or snowy days in the midst of winter.

So far we’ve had a week or so here and there when the temperatures have dipped into the 20s (that’s FREEZING by our Southern standards), but for the most part the temperatures have been even warmer than usual.

The poor plants and flowers are confused beyond belief. Flowering, crawling ground cover we planted last spring didn’t actually blossom until after Christmas. Outside our house, daffodils are peeking out of the earth all sunny and yellow even though it’s not nearly time for them to show. Rather than being dry and washed-out brown, the grass is nearly spring-green and bright. Last night I was taking the garbage out at the bookshop and I swear to you I heard crickets. Crickets in January.

The outside plants and animals aren’t the only confused ones. My brain hasn’t been very good at regulating itself with all these changes. Top that off with a long, rainy drive to and from warm and humid New Orleans last week and you have one migraine brain that is pretty hard to keep happy. Some of my friends who are very sensitive to barometric pressure have been having a hard time of it too. One of my booksellers will have a stuffy head one day, a runny nose the next, a bad headache by the weekend.

Have you noticed if this unseasonably warm “winter” has played with your migraine brain? How have you been coping?

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