Water, water, everywhere

Here’s another thing I learned about the human body over the last couple of years: though people do of course require at least 8 glasses of water a day, the amount each person needs beyond that varies. Three different doctors have told me that I need more water than I usually drink (even though I drink a LOT). I’m still not sure why this is the case, but I do know I tend to get dehydrated more easily than your average Jan. And that means I need to be drinking pretty much all the time. (And when I’m not drinking I am of course needing to go pee enough to drive my friends crazy. Gone are the days of the no-pit-stop road trip—now I must stop at least every hour, which means my record-time road trips are behind me.)

For years now, my mom has said to me, “Honey, are you drinking enough water?” and, “Honey, you really should be having much more water than you do.” I brushed her off most of the time, claiming I felt fine and wasn’t thirsty. [Hold on a sec, gotta take a swig…] Now I am wishing I would’ve taken her advice much sooner. (But don’t tell her I said that! J/k.)

I do know that lack of water is often partly to blame when it comes to my migraine attacks, but because it takes awhile to get dehydrated, it’s almost like a silent culprit. Though I am well aware of how important water is, it’s still sometimes surprising that such a simple action—drinking many glasses a day—can lead to significantly better health.

I’m curious, though: how many of you migraineurs seem to require more water than others? Have you been told by your doctors that you dehydrate easily? I’m wondering who else is in my boat.

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