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Migraine food cravings

Food cravings and migraine often go hand in hand. Cravings frequently occur during the first "prodrome" phase of a migraine, preceding the more obvious signs of an attack (aura and head pain). This can make it especially difficult to pinpoint certain trigger foods. You might find yourself wondering if the chocolate bar triggered your attack, or if the attack triggered your craving for chocolate.

Although cravings are typically associated with migraine prodrome, many people experience them during other phases of an attack. One community member recently asked "Does anyone else out there get the post-migraine-munchies? If so, do you have specific cravings?" We decided to see what our Facebook community had to say; you can view the results from over 200 responses in the word cloud above. Some respondents craved salty foods after an attack, some craved sweets.... and others craved both! Carb-based foods and burgers were also front-runners.

So tell us - What foods do YOU crave before or after a migraine attack? Do you try to resist the foods you crave, or are the cravings too strong to ignore? Please share in the comments!

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