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What do you crave?

Migraine food cravings

Food cravings and migraine often go hand in hand. Cravings frequently occur during the first “prodrome” phase of a migraine, preceding the more obvious signs of an attack (aura and head pain). This can make it especially difficult to pinpoint certain trigger foods. You might find yourself wondering if the chocolate bar triggered your attack, or if the attack triggered your craving for chocolate.

Although cravings are typically associated with migraine prodrome, many people experience them during other phases of an attack. One community member recently asked “Does anyone else out there get the post-migraine-munchies? If so, do you have specific cravings?” We decided to see what our Facebook community had to say; you can view the results from over 200 responses in the word cloud above. Some respondents craved salty foods after an attack, some craved sweets…. and others craved both! Carb-based foods and burgers were also front-runners.

So tell us – What foods do YOU crave before or after a migraine attack? Do you try to resist the foods you crave, or are the cravings too strong to ignore? Please share in the comments!



  • Sherrell
    1 year ago

    I crave carbs and sugar. The more I stay away from those two substances, the fewer migraines I get. I don’t have celiac, however, when I am gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free, I am less congested and bloated.

  • lizzietishlizard5566
    2 years ago

    I get cravings during the prodrome phase of a really bad headache. Pretty consistently it’s a very carby, sweet something that I do NOT normally include in my every day diet. A cookie, cake, muffin binge usually indicates a change in barometric pressure or my hormones and the migraine that accompanies these things. During the headache itself I have extreme nausea and/or vomiting usually can only tolerate coke. But only real full fat coke does the trick. Something abt the sugar, caffeine, and bubbles helps ease the headache and nausea. I ALWAYS have it on hand. All my friends and family know not to drink the last ’emergency coke.’

  • 1eba4tp
    3 years ago

    I usually crave foods about 12 hours before a really bad episode.a migraine that I know will last more than two days.My usual cravings are for Chocolate , nuts , vegemite , bbq chips , salami , all the foods that I don’t eat at all .It is so hard too resist cause I know I am going to have a really bad time anyway.But the one time I did give in I ended up in hospital as my migraine went for nine days and absolutely nothing eased the agony.It was like labour pains all over again except in my brain.Never ever again.

  • RobertCan
    5 years ago

    It’s useless carbs for me. Burgers, fries and chips all at the top of my list.

  • Deirdre2
    5 years ago

    SALT!! the more the better. I will spoon out a bowlful of green olives and chew each one thoroughly. Then I drink all the juice out of the bowl.

  • Beth
    5 years ago

    For me, usually sweets. Typically I really want some chocolate but I’m doing my best not to have any…I think it’s a trigger. I’m trying to have banana chips, raisins and peanuts on hand. It seems to be working. Still getting migraines but at least I know that what I’m eating isn’t the cause…unless you can have triggers that change.

  • Diana-Lee
    6 years ago

    Typically, I crave carbs. I try very hard not to go overboard because I also live with type 2 diabetes and PCOS. But it’s really hard not to.

  • lara
    6 years ago

    It’s hard to pinpoint because my worst migraines show up about the same time as PMS. I usually attribute those cravings to PMS:

    Salt n vinager potato chips
    dark chocolate
    ice cream
    fast food (which I avoid the rest of the month)

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