What’s so bad about feeling good?

Well, there's really not so much bad about feeling good. Now the mission is to find what's good about feeling bad, I guess.

The rain came in yesterday and continued without ceasing for hours upon hours....In fact, it's 1:15 AM early Sunday morning, meaning that, as far as I know, it has rained every moment of the weekend.

The mood I was in while writing that last post seems so far away from me! I'm not feeling awful, but I did have a rough day chock full o' migraine pain that would not dissipate despite two Imitrex tablets and a Naproxen sodium pill. Alas. The last few days were so wonderful, though--I think I have more of those to come. I'm going to try to make a point of being more creative, productive, and active on the days I feel well.

This evening I did get some q.t. in with friends and a certain little week-old baby I know. That does a body good. (Pass it on.)

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