Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy speaks out at last!

I'm pretty thrilled about The New York Times migraine blog, as you probably will have noticed by now. From the first day I spotted it, I noticed that Jeff Tweedy (Wilco, Loose Fur), one of my favorite musicians, was to be a contributor. Day after day, I checked the site and saw nothing from him. Imagine my delight when tonight I checked the site again and he had written a really honest, beautiful post about living with Migraine, panic attacks, depression, and an unceasing love of music.

Here's the comment I made:
As a HUGE Wilco fan who never knew you had migraines until this website launched in February, I've been waiting with baited breath for your post. I have been reading every writer's post and think that yours is my favorite thus far in terms of how well I can relate.

By the way, beginning just weeks after buying A Ghost is Born, I started fast-forwarding the end of "Less Than You Think." Once I told a friend it reminded me of having a headache approach. Little did I know that was the inspiration. You achieved the goal!

Thanks again for writing. I hope you have some more to say about it later, in this forum or another.

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