You can wish away one migraine trigger: what will you choose?

I am your fairy godmother, and I am here to grant you just one wish.
Now before you let your thoughts get too, um, wishful, know that there are very strict rules for this wish.  You cannot wish for more wishes. You cannot wish for immortality.  You cannot wish to be cured of whatever illnesses plague you.

Let’s face it: the wish I will grant you is very specific, and it’s only for migraine sufferers and/or those who love someone with migraine disease.

Here goes—you may wish to rid yourself of just one migraine trigger.  Poof! Just wish it away, and it will never affect you again.

You probably have a lot of things that trigger migraine attacks for you.  Some may be things you never really liked anyway (for me that list includes red wine, sugar-free gum with NutraSweet/aspartame in it, and strobe lights at those dance clubs I secretly hated going to).  Other triggers may have been harder to face for you (saying goodbye to beer, in some patients’ cases, or having to give up trips to the beach because the heat and sun were too much for you).

So think about it.  If you have to keep all your migraine triggers except for one, what would that one be? What one trigger would you ditch all together? Is it something that was once an important part of your life that you regret having to cut out? Or is it something that’s the bane of your migraineur existence, a trigger that pops up with no warning and ruins your day (or your week)?

Once I, your fairy godmother, grant you this wish, how will your life change? What will you be able to do now that your most nefarious enemy, your most aggravating trigger, has been rendered innocent and ineffective? How will you live differently?  What’s something you can now do that you weren’t able to do before?

If I really did have this secret power to be able to rid each migraineur of his or her most frustrating migraine trigger, I’d help you out in a heartbeat.  How I wish I could make all of us feel just a little bit better! As for me, I’m not entirely sure what trigger I would get rid of.  A few years ago when I was still mourning the loss of my night owl self, I might have said that I wanted to be done with sleep-related triggers—but these days I love the mornings and I love to cuddle in bed, so I don’t think I’ll eradicate that particular issue.  You know, I think I have an idea of which trigger I’d kick to the curb.  think I’d pick a doozie, actually: I would wave my magic wand and make my brain no longer get a migraine every single month when my hormones fluctuate and my period comes.

How about you? Share below what trigger you would like to cross off your list forever, and why.

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