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You can wish away one migraine trigger: what will you choose?

I am your fairy godmother, and I am here to grant you just one wish.
Now before you let your thoughts get too, um, wishful, know that there are very strict rules for this wish.  You cannot wish for more wishes. You cannot wish for immortality.  You cannot wish to be cured of whatever illnesses plague you.

Let’s face it: the wish I will grant you is very specific, and it’s only for migraine sufferers and/or those who love someone with migraine disease.

Here goes—you may wish to rid yourself of just one migraine trigger.  Poof! Just wish it away, and it will never affect you again.

You probably have a lot of things that trigger migraine attacks for you.  Some may be things you never really liked anyway (for me that list includes red wine, sugar-free gum with NutraSweet/aspartame in it, and strobe lights at those dance clubs I secretly hated going to).  Other triggers may have been harder to face for you (saying goodbye to beer, in some patients’ cases, or having to give up trips to the beach because the heat and sun were too much for you).

So think about it.  If you have to keep all your migraine triggers except for one, what would that one be? What one trigger would you ditch all together? Is it something that was once an important part of your life that you regret having to cut out? Or is it something that’s the bane of your migraineur existence, a trigger that pops up with no warning and ruins your day (or your week)?

Once I, your fairy godmother, grant you this wish, how will your life change? What will you be able to do now that your most nefarious enemy, your most aggravating trigger, has been rendered innocent and ineffective? How will you live differently?  What’s something you can now do that you weren’t able to do before?

If I really did have this secret power to be able to rid each migraineur of his or her most frustrating migraine trigger, I’d help you out in a heartbeat.  How I wish I could make all of us feel just a little bit better! As for me, I’m not entirely sure what trigger I would get rid of.  A few years ago when I was still mourning the loss of my night owl self, I might have said that I wanted to be done with sleep-related triggers—but these days I love the mornings and I love to cuddle in bed, so I don’t think I’ll eradicate that particular issue.  You know, I think I have an idea of which trigger I’d kick to the curb.  think I’d pick a doozie, actually: I would wave my magic wand and make my brain no longer get a migraine every single month when my hormones fluctuate and my period comes.

How about you? Share below what trigger you would like to cross off your list forever, and why.

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  • Mary
    5 years ago

    This is a tough one because I have so many triggers. I guess the one I’m most affected by is MSG in all of its various forms. It is a problem, not only when we eat out but when I go to family parties or crave Chinese food – I’ve totally given that up and I do try my best to avoid any form of MSG. Many of the triggers that I have affected the way I live and socialize. Lately I’ve really pushed hard to take part in more things but unfortunately, if I don’t have a migraine when I start out, I do by the time I’m home.

  • katy
    5 years ago

    Between all my triggers, I would definitely have to say scents. I can dodge lights with sunglasses and prepare for weather the best I can, but one whiff of that heavily doused, unexpected person in perfume or cologne in public causes my shopping trips to get cut short and leaves me suffering. I also miss wearing perfume and the amazing smell of my boyfriend’s Cologne; not to mention the wonderful smell of candles I love so much but can’t enjoy anymore. These things are the unexpected things I cannot control and may be anywhere I least expect it. Fairy godmother, please take away the trigger of scents!

  • ktbug8
    5 years ago

    Heat! While weather triggers in general are bad, heat is the absolute worst for me. I live in a state where an average day is in the 90s with humidity. During the summer, 100 degree days are more common. I’ve taken to carrying a small, battery-operated fan everyday just to get through mornings at work.

  • jen
    5 years ago

    I’d have to go with light too! Even though I want it sometimes,to be happy and warm,I hate it because it hurts.

  • Gail Hartsfield
    5 years ago

    I wish away the weather. Oh, you know, things like thunder storms, dropping barometers things like that. The faster the storms develop the worse the migraine. I ONLY, lol suffer from two other trigger, allergies and occipital nerve.

  • Vanessa
    5 years ago

    I would wish away monosodium glutamate (msg) as a trigger. I wouldn’t have to be afraid everytime I eat something I didn’t prepare myself or avoid chinese food or soup or flavored chips or flavored anything!

  • Gwenny
    5 years ago

    In another thread I said my “worst” trigger is wine, meaning that its the most acute and the one that happens fastest. However, my most persistent trigger is my problem neck. That would be the one I’d get rid of, since it’s the cause of 90% of all my migraines. Then, I could pick and choose if and when I wanted to risk having a half a glass of wine here and there and keep my migraines down to once a month rather than 13-19 a month like I have now.

  • Paintchip
    5 years ago

    Dearest Fairy Godmother,

    The weather triggers are a bear! When I forget to zip up my meridians, the weather changes bring on those nasty migraines still. Could you please fix my memory so I remember to zip early and often to avoid the migraines… Or better yet-just irradiate that silly trigger all together so I won’t have to rely on my memory?!

    I would be eternally grateful to you and in awe of your great powers!!!

  • migrainestl
    5 years ago

    Light!! Please, let there be light!!! I miss having the curtains open or being able to go outside w/o my sunglasses. I wish I could have my iPhone brightness up high enough normal ppl could actually see it.

  • Guineverre
    5 years ago

    Definitely weather triggers. It makes me feel powerless that I have no control over it and can’t do anything about it. I’m at the mercy of the weather G-Ds.

  • JanML
    5 years ago

    Definitely my hormonal fluctuation trigger, which caused me to have monthly migraines at first, but then daily migraines after a period of 10 years. Now that I’ve gone through menopause, I still get migraines every two to three days, but they’re much milder, and only a few of my other triggers still bother me (mainly heat, certain foods, and stress). Compared to how I felt before, it’s like night and day.

  • Jack
    5 years ago

    Weather changes!

  • Heather Benton
    5 years ago

    My wish would be ‘the heat, sun, weather changes(rain, storms etc) and humidity’ So I guess The Biggie for me is WEATHER…
    I miss the out doors so much! Living in PEI, Canada the weather changes so much!! Our summers are so amazing with the best beaches ever….haven’t been to the beach this years at 🙁 Also miss out on attending my sons Baseball and it just drives me!
    but one cant do anything about the weather, especially in Eastern Canada, on an ISLAND surrounded by water 🙂

  • sues
    5 years ago

    Sleeping late on the weekend. Gave up alcohol a long time ago, really don’t miss it. This one seems like a terrible curse.

  • J Clay
    5 years ago

    Defiantly get rid of the bright lights. Weather it’s a short burst of light or something more sustained. Of course now a days every thing seems t to bright

  • dmae
    5 years ago

    Fairy Godmother,
    Please do away with the pernicious glare, whether it be from sun, fluorescents, or screens, that stings my eyes and makes my head ache and spin.
    Thank you

  • Luna
    5 years ago

    Odors are the trigger I’d eradicate. I can find ways to deal with other things but there is no way to get away from the smell ridden air that pervades everywhere. Not breathing isn’t an option. Almost everything I bring home has a smell that has to be aired out before entering the house. Odors permeate the skin, eyes, mouth, hair and clothes. And it doesn’t wash out of the hair. Even vacuuming is very limited and only on a good day. I could go on and on but won’t.

  • ErikaC
    5 years ago

    I agree with Luna! I can get over the week of migraines due to hormonal fluctuations each month.. This time is predictable and I can schedule around it. I also found an awesome (and huge!) pair of super dark sunshades to wear while outside. But the one thing I cannot control that can set off raging migraines daily is odor/scent. It is to the point I keep a tiny roll on vial of peppermint oil with maybe 25% lavender oil in my pocket just to rub under my nose in hopes it will help guard me from perfumes/ secondhand smoke/ body odor/ chemicals.

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