Wishful thinking?

Last updated: November 2010

I don't blog much about migraine disease anymore, but that's not because the disease is behind me, it's just that I devote my online time to other things. (Speaking of that, I've really missed writing about migraine; turns out writing was a more powerful coping mechanism than I'd ever thought. Might have to return to the blog!)

Each day I get an email full of articles about migraine in the news (thank you, Google Alerts). Football player Percy Harvin is mentioned daily. I don't know who is is apart from the fact that he suffers from severe migraine attacks and is getting criticized in the news (which makes me irate, as you can imagine).

This morning I saw a headline about Harvin's claim that he thinks he's put the migraines behind him. This is just a blurb of an article, but it seems so naive. It's frustrating, too, that such a major figure has many people's attention right now and he could use this as an opportunity to educate people about this disease.

Read the article here.

For his sake, I hope I'm wrong and he has found a miracle cure most of us have never stumbled upon despite years of trying.

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