Worst day in awhile…

I awoke this morning around 8 AM knowing I'd have a migraine soon. I made myself eat some breakfast, and I had a cup of tea (two teabags: one traditional black tea bag, one herbal peppermint tea bag) in the hopes that the smell would calm me and the caffeine would help. No such luck. Breakfast seemed to zap all the energy I had, and I took a nap for a couple of hours in the hopes of waking up refreshed.

In the evening, I got up to shower and begin my day at last. The vague pain and fatigue that had been bothering me all day set in completely--within five minutes of standing up and walking around my house, the pain was sharp behind my left eye and I decided to take some meds. I got a little desperate today and now have way too many things in my system: I took a Naproxen tablet this morning, had three Petadolex as an abortive measure (you can use P. as a preventive and/or an acute treatment), and eventually took my Relpax when I realized the other pills were doing nothing. Still no results. Last but not least I had one Lortab--this is my barely used last resort.

I didn't want to cancel my plans, so I went out with my friend. As we walked downtown, I said, "Wow--the lights on the buildings look so sharp and bright tonight. And beautiful. Don't you think so?" "I don't see that." "Really?" "Yeah. Oh, no! Does this mean you're getting a migraine?" "Oh, I already have one. I've had one all day."

An hour into our dinner all the medication seemed to hit at once. I felt the telltale tingle of the Lortab (followed by the itchiness that is an obnoxious side effect!) as I sipped the coffee I'd ordered, my vain last attempt to rid myself of the pain. It all helped at once and I had a great night despite all the foreign chemicals rushing through my veins. I really don't like being hopped up on meds, but the way I feel now is far superior than drifting painfully through that fog I waded through all day.


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