Wreck wreck wreck

Yesterday I was in a little thing I like to call a car wreck. Got hit on the driver's side and front of my car when a distracted dude ran a red light. Yeow!

My car's condition is in limbo: will it be declared totaled, or will a shop repair it and try (but fail) to restore it to its old glory? It's sitting all lonely and sad in a local tow yard. Poor baby. The whole front section of the car got knocked off--when you look at the car from the front, it looks like a burgundy colored face whose jaw has dropped clean to the ground. Surprised at something.

Various fluids of varying colors poured from the car and down the asphalt. Not sure what exploded, but it sure did leak.

To my happiness, no one was majorly injured. J., the beau, was in the passenger seat and ended up with lots of muscle strain/sprain and a headache. I hit my head on something (don't know what) and had a REGULAR HEADACHE plus some muscle straining and pain. Now I am achey but expect the feeling to go away after a few days. I hope this doesn't spur further health issues.

I don't know what the point of this post is. I feel oddly out of it. I'm used to taking Lortab as a Migraine attack rescue med now and again, but taking it for muscle aches along with this muscle relaxer makes for a very out-of-it Janet. I may well be writing nonsense here. So be it.

I can't tell you the last time I had a headache that wasn't a migraine. It was such an unfamiliar feeling: tightness all around my head, a dull ache that didn't throb or pierce. It's gone now, thank goodness, but it made me think about those who have tension headaches and NOT migraine. Recently a friend told me that she used to be one of those people who thought migraineurs were big sissies, that migraine headaches were actually just pretty bad regular headaches. Migraineurs were whiners. Wimpy whiners. But then she got her first migraine attack and finally realized she'd been wrong all that time--the pain of migraine is nothing compared to your average headache.

What if I could always have headaches like these instead of migraines? thought I. It seemed almost a luxury to have head pain that didn't distract me from life, pain that was irrefutably present but not debilitating. I'm jealous of the millions of people who don't get migraine. I'm so very jealous.

We've now reached the end of my rambling. Tomorrow I get to resume what is already another kind of headache: endless calls to insurance companies and the hospital. Wish me luck!

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