I have had the scholarship application for the Athens YMCA in my hands for months now. The duty of acquiring all the official documentation to prove that joining the Y is out of my budget...? Well, that's a duty I wasn't accomplishing.

Yesterday, I put "finish YMCA scholarship app." on my things-to-do list. I had a couple of questions for the Y, so I emailed the man in charge. Come to find out the scholarships are for kids. Uh.... Oops. Nevermind the fact that the forms don't mention that.

The friendly contact person did tell me that adults in need could have the "building fee" waived in an attempt for them to be able to afford the Y. "How do I go about applying for that?" I asked in an email last evening. This morning I got a reply from him--he just asked that I print out his email stating the building fee was waived for me.

Done and done.

How easy as pie was that? I love how I lazed around with that defunct application for months only to find out all it took was a simple email interaction and request.

Procrastination = bad
Being proactive = good

Now...back to avoiding my work.

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