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I've been taking Aimovig for four months with mixed results. What can I expect?

I have atypical migraines (no auras, no light sensitivity, no nausea), which I get everyday. My first dose of Aimovig was a single dose. There seemed to a slight effect of a few migraine-free days over the month. My doctor doubled the dose. The second month with a double dose, I had about 10 days with no migraines. The third month, I had about 20 days with no migraines. Then, this past month (the fourth month), I had no migraine-free days. That was a huge disappointment. I was expecting even better results. I just did my fifth dose yesterday and am waiting to see what happens. I always had migraines the day of the injections and yesterday was no different. So far, today seems okay, but the day is still young.

I've heard from different people that Aimovig starts having immediate effects all the way up to that it may take 6 months before one sees effects. Are there any data on the effects of Aimovig?

  1. I've been on Aimovig since September - it's been mixed results. My migraines haven't gone away - they seem to have lessened, but one month, was really bad when we had a ton of storms (which is a big trigger for me). From what I've read on Aimovig - it doesn't take away your migraines - there's no cure yet - but it does lessen the frequency of attacks.

    1. Hi there- great question and we actually have a forum dedicated to this topic where you can read a lot of community members' experiences with aimovig here:

      I personally tried it for four months and didn't find it dramatically helpful. I recently switched to Emgality and so far am finding it slightly more helpful in that I'm experiencing solidly pain-free days (unusual for me).

      So glad you're a part of our community. Stay in touch and let us know how you are.

      1. I’m wondering the same thing. I’m on my 2nd shot and haven’t seen a change. I am trying to decide if I should keep trying it as I’m on Medicare and don’t qualify for the assistance program. If it works I’ll be able to work but I’m really scared that I’m just going to be racking up debt as I can’t afford the copay.

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