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Is Ajovy covered by Medicare?

Are any of the CGRP medications covered by Medicare or supplemental insurance? I have been getting sample Ajovy shots from my doctor at no cost, but I don't know how much longer I can do that. I have been checking websites and as far as I can tell none of them have been approved yet.

I am curious if anyone knows anything more about when or if they have been approved.

  1. Hi napa219,

    Great question!! We have heard from people who are on Medicare that these medications will be covered. It may need to go through the appeal process, but it worth the effort in the long run.

    Let me know if you are successful!

    1. Hi there , Thanks for reaching out & for your great question! There is certainly much discussion surrounding this. Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure, but I can share that some members have in fact reported getting Medicare to cover a CGRP medication on appeal. I understand that this can be a very time consuming & difficult process & I certainly do not want to provide any false hope, but again the fact that some have been successful, I wanted to share this feedback.

      I hope this helps & keep us posted!

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