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Anyone taking Ubrelvy experiencing a burning feeling in the stomach?

Hi - I was wondering if anyone taking Ubrelvy has experienced a burning feeling in the stomach (some people call it gastritis, dyspepsia/ indigestion). To me it feels like my stomach is on fire and almost nothing helps. Yogurt helps temporarily. GI and Neuro docs have no idea as they say "it is not a listed side effect" and "that is traditional heartburn or gastritis" . (Ubrelvy is only med that takes away migraine pain and I do take it almost every other day; meds and herbal treatments have not helped with "heartburn/gastritis" and no visible signs of problems ie ulcers)
Thank you! ~Jenn

  1. - Wonderful that you have posted this here. I'm hoping you'll get some helpful feedback. Thank you for starting this important conversation. Warmly - Holly - team

    1. I am so sorry that you have experienced this. I wanted to share this video link with you. It has some great comments that you may find helpful. I have not tried this medication myself though. Maybe others will see this and respond. Thank you for asking this though. (Tonya, contributor).

      1. Oh Jenn- Such a heartfelt message that touched me deeply. I'm so glad you felt the same. This is exactly why I'm moved to be here. And it sounds like the reason you are here too. This awful condition we never asked for makes us feel so cut off and isolated - like we are the only ones in the world who feel the way we feel and struggle in the ways we do. The wonder of provides a safe and compassionate place to connect and share and let down our guards. The heavy armor we've grown accustomed to carrying from years of feeling questioned and judged by people who cannot understand what we're up against. So, here, we fall - exhausted and relieved into one another's virtual arms - finally feeling validated and heard. Lighter. And wow- it brought tears to my eyes to read your statement about yourself- your realization that "I do that" - that you yourself are a wonderful giver of self and support despite the storm of migraine that tries to quiet and stomp your spirit. You continue to rise and give to others. You come through- that is clear to me. I'm so glad you saw that about yourself. You have lifted my spirit before and again today as I pick up the weak pieces to again rebuild after a couple of days of getting knocked off my literal and figurative feet. Thank you for filling my heart with your beautiful words and spirit. So grateful to and for you. All love, Holly ( team).

      2. Much love and gratitude~Jenn

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