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Ashvagandha - the next best cure.

Just woken up from a restful sleep with no noticeable migraine.

I had taken (along with everything i have in the house, out of desperation) 3 of my ashvagandha pills. The dosage says 1 pill, twice daily, but, desperate times, desperate measures.

Nothing I've ever taken, besides cannabis, has been so effective against migraine.

This is definitely the number 2 migraine remedy for me.

It's no cannabis. Cannabis, depending on the type [I don't know what arrangement of cannabinoids, or which specific canabinoids is most effective], can switch a migraine OFF like a light switch. First time I discovered this was 2001, with some "charras", and not all types were so instantly absolutely effective (and I don't know how much that's due to the cannabis type, or the migraine type).

Ashvagandha was a far cry from that light-switch-effect, though of course, it was ingested, n needed to be digested... I don't think there's a smokable/vapourizeable delivery method for it. So no instant relief due to delivery method, but I certainly did notice it helping before I got to sleep. ... And sleep's one of the many things it helps with. And being unconscious is itself a much welcome relief when suffering with a painful migraine.

I thought it important to share this discovery, especially since I saw no mention of it as I skimmed through the titles in this forum section. ~ and of course knowing that cannabis is not yet readily available without utilizing the black market, which understandably many are unwilling to do, even if that means continuing to suffer with a migraine.

I urge you all to acquire some ashvagandha to have on hand should you get a migraine.

I don't want to overstate its brilliance. I'm sure you'll still need to be wary around triggers, and try all the other things that are supposed to help alleviate symptoms too, but this is still the 2nd best, and head and shoulders above the rest (which in my experience, at most, only offer slight alleviation).

So, YAY Ashvagndha! Go get some! We have a new ally!

(PS, I have some in powder form too, suitable to be taken in warm milky drinks. I might try that next time.)

  1. Hey Digit
    Thanks for the tip! I always prefer a non-pharma remedy so will give it a try. Normally I'd go for sensory deprivation (lying in a cold, quiet, dark room) but that's not always an option.

    1. I have used Ashwagandha with no effect, it was prescribed by my doctor for help with migraine and sleep. I was disappointed that it didn't help as I prefer to use natural remedies when I can. As for cannibals, I tried it several times when I was young and it heightened my anxiety so I have never considered it for migraine relief. My daughter uses it for her chronic pain condition with tremendous success and fortunately it is now legal in our state.

      I find that FionaD's remedy works fairly well for me also, but I can't spend my entire life in my bedroom. 🙁

      1. Perhaps ops/admin could delete this long off-topic self-aggrandising unhelpful windbaggery by reyesrodriguezjr510 on January 24, 2017 (and then also this post requesting the unhelpful cruel off-topic post be deleted).

        When one has a migraine, one does not want to read a long passage, lured in by promise of 100% efficacy, and then not told what it is, n instead just told a load of pompous bragging. vulgar cruel.

        p.s. sorry if that sounds in any way disrespectful, but my characterisation of the post in question is factually accurate, and i want to spare people that unnecessary cruel torture. (ow)

        1. You sure are right ! There is no cure, one size fits all approach, members cannot say that someone should or “must” try a treatment/product and most importantly promising efficacy! This comment has since been removed & I appreciate you mentioning this. Wishing you a good day!

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