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Is it something worse than an aura?

I'm an 18 year old male and have had migraines on and off since the age of 12/13. After starting my freshman year at Sarah Lawrence, I noticed I started to get migraine auras much more frequently than I had in the past with the last full blown migraine aura I had before college being over a year and a half ago. This past week I went into NYC and noticed I started to get a migraine aura around midnight- the second one this week- and it slowly simmered down and went away. I eventually went to bed around 4:30 AM and woke up around 1-2 PM the next day. Shortly after waking up I noticed another full blown aura but after an hour it died down with no real headache symptoms like normally. An hour later another aura occurred and then headache and migraine symptoms ensued. After sleeping it off for an hour or so, I noticed I was feeling a lot better so I went to a movie with some friends. Once I got back home I noticed another aura coming on and was honestly scared as I'd never had two auras in one day much less three. The following morning when I woke up, I noticed a shimmer, aura-like disturbance in the center of my vision. This minor "aura" hasn't gone away and it has been a week. Since then I have had one more full blown aura which was triggered by sudden intense stress and anxiety but it quickly went away with no other symptoms. The smaller "aura" remained in the center of my vision throughout the duration of the other full blown aura and has not left since. Could it be more than an aura? I am currently on coumadin and some blood pressure medication for a clotting disorder but I have been on these medications for quite a while and have noticed no repercussions from them in the past. Because I am on these medications and have a blood disorder I am worried that I may have a brain hemorrhage or a minor blood clot but have talked it over with my father who is a doctor and he highly doubts it. Thank you for your time, Ben

  1. Hi, AuraHater33, thanks for your question. Whenever we see a marked change in the pattern of our migraines, it's important to get it checked out by your medical provider. We also don't like to see a migraine go past 72 hours whenever possible because of the risk of Status Migrainous: I would encourage you to reach out to your doctor or certified headache specialist. Hope this helps! ~Melanie Merritt ( team member)

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