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Migraine Aura?

I've been to the doctor about my symptoms and she says I have classic migraines. My mom has classic migraines as well. My concern is that when reading up on migraines my aura symptoms last all together more than an hour. Usually it starts with a blurred spot in my central vision. This let's me know the migraine is starting. Then that blurry spot is outlined with jagged twinkling lights sometimes more colorful than others. This visual symptom continues to expand across my field of vision until it reaches my peripheral vision and then fades away. Usually this part lasts no more than 20 minutes, more likely average is a 10 minute duration. Then after the visual disturbance, I have a break. Nothing is happening except increased light sensativity. The break can last up to 30 mins. Then one of my hands (usually) fingers get that tingly numb sensation. That lasts only a few minutes. Then that stage is followed by a short duration in which I can't concentrate and can't even comprehend information like from reading. After 20 mins or so that stops and then the headache begins. Often my active aura symptoms last an hour but if you count the breaks in between the start and stop of each aura stage then it can last up to two hours total.

Now I've read online that an aura should last no longer than an hour. So, could what I'm experiencing, be something else? Usually if I take medication when the flashing zig zag lights start, my headache pain is generally mild to moderate.

  1. Hi MelBlah1122,
    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience. Although we at cannot offer any medical advice, for your own safety...I would like to let you know that you are certainly not alone in having symptoms that do not match up precisely with what is listed online, etc. We are all such different people, and symptoms tend to be listed to cover the most general and averaged shared patient experience. Many patients, including myself, feel most confident in their medical diagnosis and/or treatment once they have met with more than one doctor or examined all questions thoroughly. We, as patients, must speak up for ourselves and be our own best advocate. If you have questions, it is always best to speak with your medical professional and review all areas of concern. Please continue to come here for support anytime! ~Marci (

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