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aura without headache daily

HI everyone, I am new to forums and this is my first try. Just looking for anyone who has similar type situation. My story is long but I will give you the Coles notes version. 2.5 years ago is when my journey started. I began with episodic pins and needles in my left leg. Within a few months it became leg, arm, neck foot and abs. Always been left side only. Minor ones will be pins and needles starting in leg then arm then neck chest. Severe ones will lead to,weakness and numbness to the point where I need to sit down. Always left side. They last from one minute to a max of 5 minutes. When I get one I will continue to have them most times about every 15 minutes usually 6 to ten times. I get them 25-28 days a month, almost everyday. Mostly in morning when I wake up. Sometimes I will then have a single one later in the day. Stress or exercise cause them. They started when I was running 5 km races. I have had been two many doctors, cardio, vascular, Nuro, internist. Had emg done, told it was central nervous, had many of the heart and vascular test, two many to mention. Lots of blood work, seen ms specialist which ruled out ms. Any ways MRI of spine and lumbar showed stenosis in c5 and c6. Brain showed some white lesions. Scans where done again at 6 months with no changes. At this point my neurologist says they are auras. Wants me to work on diet, controlling stress and start the drug aura topiramate. These have significantly changed my quality of because they happen daily. I am 49. Thanks any comments appreciated. By the way some think it’s more related to seizures.

  1. Hi Bill, I'm new to this forum stuff too. Sorry to hear of your health challenges. I've recently been diagnosed with complex migrane with aura without headache aka silent migrane. I also have very odd one sided neurological aura symptoms (tingling, numbness, hand and foot clenching episodes, jaw pain) in addition to nausea and and a list of other strange sensations. Have had many tests as well. MRIs, spinal tap, blood work, EEG, evoked potentials, all normal. I'm testing out topiramate.

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