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Best way to help when your young adult calls?

I was aware my son had experienced a migraine before (not officially diagnosed). I wasn't aware until I got a call tonight that he has been getting them weekly. I have no doubt they are migraines by the symptoms. He has no Rx meds at present. He was in quite a bit of pain and distress. How do I help from a distance? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

  1. Hi ShelleyTheLongPointGirl,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I know how frustrating it is when our children, however old they are, are in pain.

    To start seeing as this is a change in his migraine attack pattern, it's a good idea to discuss these changes with the doctor so he/she can rule out anything else.

    You may want to suggest he visit our site and jump in and ask questions. We have articles on how to prevent migraine attacks such as keeping a regular sleep schedule, not skipping meals, and staying hydrated. Here is an overview of migraine disease basics;

    I hope he is feeling better soon,

    1. Thanks Nancy. I find the website quite informative. I'm hoping he will take a look. Some of the terminology like 'attack pattern' is new for me so I'll keep reading and learning here too.

      1. I starting getting migraines when I was 12. The best thing my mom does for me is being willing to do whatever she needs to do to help me. We have had our own struggles working through my migraines, though she has always been there for me. I think support is the biggest thing. Show him that you care and that you understand how awful migraines are.

        1. Thank you k_nelson. I really want to help but he's 2 hrs away. A phone call never feels like enough. I booked him a Drs appt for next week, he'll be home for Christmas. I get regular headaches, tension kind or sinus mostly, but I had my first migraine about 9 months ago. I've never had anything that painful in my life! I can't imagine what my son or all of you deal with when these ugly things come on. Many say they understand but I now know they can't truly understand unless you live with it. I hope being on the other end of the phone is enough for my son when he's hurting.

      2. My nephew gets them too. I was horrified to learn he takes 8-10 Tylenol at a time to get rid of the pain. He lives in a very small town so specialists are out of the picture right now. I support him the best I know how. Tell him what works for me. His mother has only had one in her life. She took Tylonol for migraines and it was gone. Glad for her but it doesn't work the same for my nephew or me. Visiting this site will help. Emotional support is the key.

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