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Is Botox effective?

I’ve had two, I believe, rounds of Botox. The first round worked fairly good. It wore off a few weeks before my second round. My doctor claimed he strengthens the formula (or doseage or whichever) and I go back in January... expect I’ve been suffering extreme migraines since I got Botox the second time with hardly any relief.

I’m terrified Botox isn’t going to work for me. Has anyone else had this experience? I’m new to the migraine forum so I’ll do some exploring but I’m terrified. Botox was the answer, so my doctor claimed. I have chronic migraines in the temples (sometimes both temples, sometimes one) and face. As well as visual ques that never go away. They’re constant. Please leave your stories below, thank you so so much.

  1. Hi Allie77, I had Botox for 9 months but unfortunately the it didn't help. It triggered a migraine as soon as I had it too 🙁

    1. My first series didn't do much, the second series helped a lot, eased up my jaw clinching and my headaches and migraines subsided quite a bit. The third series hasn't helped as much, my jaw clinching is coming back and i've had more attacks. I'm due for the fourth series next month and will be trying to get switched to something else. Some people have had very good results with Botox. Good luck, give it a try, you don't know how it will work for you until you try.

      1. Hi Allie,
        I have had 4 botox treatments for photophobia, which is considered migraine. I had been doing well on topiramate with migraines, but this other situation began with a new kind of migraine, with also nausea. A killer. Anyway, it--botox-- supposedly can take up to a year to really work.
        My experience is that after the second it seemed to work a little. After the third I wanted to kiss the neurologists feet! I could finally read again, after two years. Then the forth, after a couple of weeks, the situation came back pretty bad, and I had noticed small migraines starting just before the eyes kicked in. I just spoke to the neurologist and his said this can happen with botox treatment, and that the next treatment should work. Meanwhile he suggests going up from 50 mg topiramate to 75, which makes me uncomfortable as I am very sensitive to drugs, but the scale tips in the former direction at the moment.
        BTW, this is my first time posting. I will be posting my story later, when I can find the section to do it. And give my eyes a rest. Being on the computer is a killer.

        I hope this helps, a little, maybe.

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