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Botox Injections

Hi, I currently get Botox for migraines every three months. Since my pain is primarily on the right side, should more of the shots be on the right side? Can/should i customize my "map" to the areas I get the most pain? Thank you very much


  1. HI JaneBG,

    Another great question! The Botox protocol is 31 injections in specific area regardless where the pain is. I've heard some doctor include other sites in addition to the protocol. Again, this is something that can be discussed with your doctor.

    Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.


    1. Thank you. I will have a chat with her at my next visit.

  2. Hi Jane! I think a lot of people with migraine have their pain focused on one side or the other. The botox protocol is to give the shots in specific places. One interesting thing about migraine is that the pain can sometimes move around for some people. And, even if you're having that terrible knife in the head stabbing on the right, if that was reduced, you might suddenly notice that, hey, the left side of my head hurts some, too. It's just overshadowed by the stabby on the right. So it's important to zap all those nerves on your head and shoulders and get the entire thunderstorm to settle down if you want to reduce the migraine.

    1. Thank you!! My migraines do move around as they intensify. I’m pretty sure I only get 20 injections. I don’t currently get any in my jaw or neck. I think I will have to talk with my provider about this!! I’m getting about 1/3 the # of migraines I used to so I have seen much progress.

    2. Hi Jane! I've never heard of them going in the neck. I've heard of them going into the jaw muscle for people with TMJ, as an extra procedure, but usually, I think the standard 31 are all over the scalp, and across the top of the shoulders. Maybe that's what you mean by "neck." It's all in the same area, I suppose 😀. But definitely, if you think they're giving you fewer than the standard protocol, ask. And that's wonderful that it's working for you!

  3. Hi there ,
    In addition to the great information you have already received, I wanted to also share this article with you -

    Good luck!
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. I had one set of Botox injections. This was about 5 years ago. I had no results. The Dr. I had said if I didn't get any relief then I didn't need to try any further.. My new neuro advised me that it works progressively and with some people it takes multiple sets of injections. I wish I had known that back then. If anyone out there has the same result of no relief ---- don't give up -- persevere and keep on trying. I'm scheduled for my first round in April.

      thanks to the site for letting us all share info 😀

      1. Fantastic advice and such an important reminder to give it time! Can take up to 4 rounds to know whether or not it will be effective! You may also find this article helpful - Keep us posted if you can once you have received a few rounds & sure hope it provides you with the relief you need. Good luck!! 😀

      2. Thanks for your feedback. I had an instant positive effect. I’ve cut my migraines down by 2/3rds. Maybe you should try it again!!!

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