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Botox interaction with Acupuncture

I get both Botox(every 12 weeks) and Acupuncture(once a week) for my migraines. There is not enough information in the internet about Botox interaction with Acupuncture. My neurologists/acupuncturist says that there is no interaction.

However, It has been 13 weeks since I got my previous Botox shots and I have a feeling that my acupuncture treatment seem to have worked better, helping my headaches in this past 2 weeks, may be because my botox has weaned off now. I don't know if this is yet another coincidence and I feel so confused if I should get my next set of Botox shots or not. Does anyone know if Botox efficacy interacts with acupuncture efficacy?

  1. While I haven't tried botox before, I have done acupuncture for years. I always believe acupuncture to have little to no interactions that's what I loved about it so much. That said, I've always made all my healthcare practitioners know if/when I'm doing acupuncture so they could confirm if there were any contraindications. Similarly, I would also let my acupuncturist know if I was doing any other treatments so that I could get their perspective too.

    I'm hopeful that someone here in our community will have experience with both botox and acupuncture to share with you. But in the meantime, it sounds like you're currently getting positive results which is the most important thing.
    Alene, moderator

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