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Bumps/pimples on back of neck when I have a headache?

Random question- what’s it mean if I get bumps (like pimples) in the back of my neck when getting a headache?! Ent never heard of it and says it’s most likely coincidence, waiting for new neurologist apt in January, but just wondering. Any ideas??

  1. This is not something I've heard of before- however, if the pimples are coming before the headache, it could be related to fluctuations in hormones (as some migraine attacks are triggered by hormones- and changes in hormones can cause breakouts in complexion). The only other thought I'd have is about stress. Again, this is ultimately hormone-related as cortisol, a stress hormone, can both play a role in triggering migraine and in causing breakouts.

    Please circle back after your new neurologist appointment in January if you're willing to share what thoughts your doctor has. It would be interesting to learn more about this.

    Glad you're a part of our community. Please stay in touch.

    1. this happens to me too! not every time but often enough.

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