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Can't use any of my abortives any more

I've had migraines for about ten years and I've been using Imitrex auto-injector as my go-to abortive for what like seems forever. It's just worked really well for me. After I was discharged from the Cleveland Clinic's IMATCH program in the fall of 2013, I started at a great headache center and for my migraines, I currently take Topamax as a preventative, I get nerve block and trigger point injections every two weeks and Botox every 3 months. I also have vials of Toradol at home which I can draw up and inject myself with. Last week, I had two tiny strokes which affected my left side and also left me with mild cognitive impairment which has mostly affected my executive functioning. I was working full-time as a psychiatric social worker. I'm now in a rehabilitation center. The neurologist told me no more triptans, ever and I can't use NSAID's because I'm on a blood thinner. I'm terrified that while I'm here I will get a migraine (so far, so good - someone is on my side.). I'm working with my headache neurologist and new general neurologist and my nurse care advocate at my insurance company to navigate the best way to get approval for Amovig. It will actually be much less expensive for them.

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your recent strokes, that must have been frightening.

    I'm sending along positive thoughts and wishes that you continue to improve in rehab and that Aimovig will be right for you.


    1. My only suggestion is to try and avoid triggers if possible while you are waiting for your new medication, and if you are in rehab that might be difficult. I am sorry to hear about your strokes and hope you have a good recovery.

      1. Andrea, my goodness, you have managed to survive my greatest fear, strokes. I was diagnosed with a stroke a few years ago, but have never had a recurrence thus far. I can't imagine the emotional consequences of that ordeal, nor how it relates to your migraine treatment. I truly hope that you are able to find some solution with your cardiac physician and your neurologist, working together, that suits your conditions the best.

        1. have any of you tried lighting products for your migraines? What have you tried? Have you tried

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