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College student in Western NY looking for support

I was diagnosed in October of 2015. It got so bad I had to miss two online classes and go to the doctor. Since then I have prescribed Sumatriptan and that's been a big help. But it feels like no one understands. My family does give me space and try to be supportive. But at times it's like they do not get it. My temporary boss (with covid the before and after school program has been changed) was very rude when I told her about my migraine. She rudely asked me when I told her I had a really bad migraine and could not focus, "Well what do you want to do about it." Being put on the spot during a migraine did not help. With my migraines, I am already in a stressful situation so that made it worse. Thankfully a coworker I knew from my original site knew about my migraines and told me that he'd cover for me. When I left I cried feeling embarrassed, stressed, and not believed. It was humiliating. I told my boss about my migraines when I first met her. So it's not like she was not aware. Since this incident, I've asked to move sites, and when asked why told what happened. I was told by her supervisor that they will deal with it. My previous place of employment was so supportive and understanding. While I understand we are living in such a crazy time it feels so strange and frustrating that someone can be so rude particularly they already were made aware

  1. Hi @historynerd247,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your difficult journey with us. I'm sorry you are dealing with a less than understanding employer right now, that is very frustrating.

    I wish I could say you were alone in this experience, however that's not the case. Many of us with migraine disease deal with employers who are inconsiderate and don't seem to understand migraine is not a headache. We get it and are here for you.

    Please keep me posted on how you are doing,
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

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