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Conditions can be treated by Butalbital

Listed below are the possible conditions that can be treated by butalbital compare to other pain relief medication drugs.

Tension Headaches
Muscles Contraction
Post-Dural Puncture
Back Pain
Menstrual Cramps
Joint Pain

No wonder why butalbital is one of the best drugs to take when migraine's attack.


  1. Thanks for sharing the multitude of conditions that butalbital can help with (I didn't realize it had so many applications!). However, I want to caution that it is not meant to be used long term or on a daily basis. There is a definite risk of having Medication Overuse Headache while on it and it can become habit forming. Most of the conditions listed above are short-term issues (like cramps, toothaches and dural puncture). So using this med for a short term can help get a person through that issue. But using it for chronic conditions is not often recommended.
    -Katie Moderator

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