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Cost of new FDA-approved TMS device?

Does anyone know what the cost of the new FDA-approved eNeura transcranial magnetic stimulator device is?

News articles state it was approved for migraine with aura. Do you think it would work with migraine without aura? I assume they indicate "with aura" because one needs to use it quickly to abort a migraine. Although I don't have migraine with aura, I'd be interested if it would lessen pain. I understand it does not relieve other migraine symptoms, such as nausea, light/sound/scent sensitivity?

Has anyone here used it? I'd love to know the cost and if it might help migraine without aura.



  1. Emily,

    I haven't seen any information on the cost. One thing that will impact it greatly is that you don't actually purchase the device. What's prescribed is X number of pulses from it. Once it's been used that number of times, it won't work again until it's "refilled." As there's more known about the device and using it, I'm sure one of us will blog about it.


    1. I was looking into tms for treatment for depression. My insurance calls it a sham. The hospital says that it will cost about $15,000.00. I could have spit my ice tea across the room 8/. Maybe the insurance companies will get on board one day.

      1. Lesley Lyle-Stenico,

        This is FDA approved for Migraine. I'm not sure about depression. I wish we could help you with what the cost might be, but I think it will be used on a rental basis from what I've been hearing. Lots of medical devices are used this way. I think it's also good for patients because this means you don't have a huge cash outlay for something that may or may not even be helpful. I really am not sure about the $15000 cost you were quoted. That does seem quite high for a device, but it is new, and things do tend to be pricier when they are newer technology. The more they are used, the cheaper they will hopefully get.

        As to their usage in Migraine without aura, it is being used in Europe with some success in attacks without aura. The way the FDA works is different though, and each different diagnosis will likely need separate testing etc to get separate approval. Due to the time and expense, this may not happen for quite some time, if ever. Off-label usage is not uncommon after a period of time though, so I guess one never really knows what the future holds. I'm excited about the success this has had for some patients though, and the resultant hope it gives those of us who may not have it as an option this second. It means we are still moving forward and learning more and more about this awful disease. There are some amazing things coming in the future yet too I can't wait to start talking to patients about!

        Now, if we could just figure out a one-size-fits-all approach for all Migraineurs... *sigh*

        Hang in there...


        1. Lesley and Ellen,

          Maybe I've missed something somewhere, but I was under the impression that the TMS device for depression is a larger unit that is used only in the doctor's office, not a portable unit.

          The eNeura device is not being used for depression or even being tested for depression.


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