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Covid-19 and migraines

I don't know how many people here have ended up with Covid-19. I caught it from my husband in December 2020 and spent 7 days in the hospital. I am still on some oxygen, ugh, and I still am tired more often than not. But my migraines, which were always rather bad, seem to have gotten worse. Wondered if anyone else had had that problem. Also, even though I take several medications that have magnesium in them, I have found that taking a triple magnesium complex on top of those medications is helping with the severity. Also, because I have so many problems with medications (I tend to fall into this only happens in 1% of people category), I have started using the Oh-Migraine from VICI which is all natural, and also using their essential oil mix. That has helped my migraines more than anything else I've tried recently.

  1. yes! I had Covid-19 last August and since then, the severity and frequency of my migraines has changed. I fortunately am not on oxygen but do still have some fatigue. I will try the Mg complex and see if it helps me too. Best of luck.

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      All I can share with you is the things I have shared here on our site- I have seen quite a few people (both people who previously had migraine and people who did not) mention that it has become an ongoing issue for them (the term I have heard used most often to refer to ongoing Covid symptoms is "long hauler"😉. These "long haulers" I have read on our forum have expressed that their experience is similar to yours, in that they see an increase in the intensity and/or frequency of their migraine and it seems to be ongoing. Perhaps it is time to talk to your doctor to see if they think you should add in a migraine preventative medication?

      I also wanted to share this article with you where one of our contributors, Kelly, shared her experience with Covid and migraine:

      Keep us posted- wishing you low pain days ahead. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

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