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Day 18 but who can count anymore

This all started out of no where. I was at work - had started my day with a migraine - then my right eye got blurry. Had to close it to see clearly. Found it amusing, went on with my day, then 2 hours later my right arm went numb down to my hand. Now I am worried. So I hurry to the Er. They catscan me with contrast thinking it was stroke related. No stroke, migraine with neurological complications. See a neuro. They send me home with a script for floricet. I had no pain Meds in hospital. This is a Wednesday. I make an appt to see my neuro the following Tues ( I had seen him 10 yrs ago for previous episode). My neuro gives me 2 shots of toradol (did nothing) started me on 2 dosing paks of prednisone to be taken simultaneously and started the titration of topamax, I'm now at 100mg. Here we are day 18... I am waiting on the MRI results (expecting normal). My temples feel like a small child will crawl out of them at any moment. I'm constantly nauseated, dehydrated and at the end of my rope. Life doesn't stop just cuz I'm on my knees from this migraine. Keeping up is such a chore. Oh and if one more person says to me "you still have that headache?" I think I will finally snap.

  1. Hey Melly62,
    Oh boy, what a long and painful road you've been on. Does your neuro know you're still in pain, nauseated, dehydrated? Sounds like you need to go see him ASAP or go to urgent care/ER. Let me know how you're doing...

    1. Melly,
      Have you ever had these symptoms with your Migraines before? Have you ever had one last this long? It seems like you've had a full neuro workout to rule out anything more serious, but of course having a Migraine for 18 days is not fun.

      Besides the topamex and fioricet that you are taking now, are you taking anything else? Any triptans?

      You are in a state called Status Migrainosos and it's important to get it under control.

      At this point, you should definitely talk to your neuro about going back to the ER. The meds that you got in the ER the first time are pretty typical. A second round could give some benefit. Other things to ask your doctor about are IV DHE and Magnesium and of course a strong painkiller may give you some relief as well. If you are not familiar with DHE, here is some info:

      Hopefully this gives you a few things to talk to your neuro about, but you should definitely have a follow-up discussion as soon as possible.

      1. I'm sorry! I just saw these responses to my entry today!
        It's now been 2 months with no change but now that I have this info I am calling my neuro tomorrow morning. Something is out of whack. 225mgs of topamax does nothing but make me silly.
        I will update!
        Thanks again!

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