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Migraine day 8 no relief

I'm on day 8 of a migraine that is different from my usual. I'm having shooting pains down my right arm and blurry vision in just my right eye. I have been on more medications than I can count and we have found one that helps more than a month or two. I went to the ER and was told I couldn't be allergic to Imitrex, they tried to make me take it, so I left with no relief. I'm not sure what to try next. Try a new ER? Tough it out until my insurance approves Botox?

  1. Hi , I am so sorry to hear what a rough week you have had. Anytime pain is unrelenting for more than 72 hours that is abnormal to what you typically experience it is always recommended to seek medical care (as you did). Let me share some resources with you.

    Have you spoken to your healthcare provider about Botox as you mentioned as a preventative or the new CGRP medications? They are all offering savings programs if your insurance does not cover. Others in the community may be along to share their feedback, but I hope some of this information may be useful. Keep us posted & I truly hope you find the relief that you are in great need of!

    1. I broke down and went to a different ER. They gave me a shot of dilaudid and it has eased it off to a level I can tolerate until I can see my PCP. My insurance is very slow at approving medications. I will read the link you sent in the morning. Thank you so much for sending it.

  2. The arm pain can be a symptom. Do see a doctor.

    Imitrex is only effective for some. Allergies aside, it is contraindicated for some types of migraines.

    Do follow up with the doc.

    ERs are often poorly trained in migraine. Search online for Migraine Action Plan. Fill this out with tour doctor and carry a copy to provide ER professionals.

    8 days is too long!

    You have the right to refuse meds at an ER (imetrex has to be taken at the earliest stage of migraine anyway).

    It is hard to do while in the migraine, but insist on full relief. Partial relief can cause future migraines to be med resistant. Best if you have a friend or family member knowledgable enough on your specific situation to go with you and advocate for you.

    Good luck!

    1. I ended up in an ER for the 4th time because the pain changed and was so out of control that I couldn't function. I had become so dehydrated from the vomiting that my spinal fluid was low. By the time they had the results of my CT scan, I'd had 2 bags of fluids and felt much better. They tried to admit and transfer me saying I had too much pressure in my head. I left AMA. I could not believe that the doctor didn't know the difference between too little and too much. I had already called my neurologist and told her how I felt before and after fluids; she viewed my CT online and agreed that I need to go home and rest. Thankfully, this pushed my insurance to approve the bottom injections and I go for them in 2 weeks.

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