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Diamox - the new topomax?

Hi everyone,

I just came from the neurologist. I have chronic refractory migraine that don't respond to pretty much anything. The only luck I have has has been with topomax, but I lost too much hair on it, so I needed to discontinue. (As a side note, when I stopped it, my hair came back in but it all came back GREY!!!)

I go to a top headache specialist in a major NE city, and he stays very up-to-date on the relevant research. He just went to the headache conferences and came back and told me that some neuros were having success with Diamox in patients for whom topomax provided relief, but also intolerable SEs.

Has anyone out there tried this?

Thank you - best wishes


  1. Hi,
    My doc gives me Diamox for weather headaches. It was originally used by mountain climbers to deal with air pressure changes. It's only minimally effective at best (I must have gotten too used to it, because air pressure/thunderstorm headaches are my worst).

    I was on Topamax for years and it took me down to NO headaches, but there were multiple problems including hair loss ( I didn't that I it came back gray, but then I dye my hair). I just don't see how Diamox would compare at all.

    1. Hi charmmy,

      Diamox is one of over 100 medications that can and are used for migraine prevention. It's in a different class of medication than Topamax which is an antiseizure medication. Diamox, generic name acetazolamide, is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Some people have very good luck with it.

      Let us know how you make out with it,

      1. Just gave up on Topomax due to side effects. I need to check this one out! Thanks for the tip!

        1. jbright,
          Thanks for your comment!
          I am sorry that you had to stop taking Topamax due to the side effects.
          I was taking this medication a few years ago and also stopped for the same reason. I felt very foggy and my legs would constantly have pins and needles. It was very uncomfortable.
          Have you and your doctor discussed other preventative options?
          I wanted to share with you our page on migraine treatments- there are hundreds of options.

          Please feel free to keep us posted on your new treatment plan.
          We are here for you.
          Jillian ( Team)

      2. There is no "tip." Diamox just the same drug as Topamax only more fast acting. It doesn't solve any of the many problems associated with Topamax. I was on both versions and actually developed kidney damage (reversable) from this drug. There are many alternative drugs that aren't as potentially damaging.

        1. Lynn,
          Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am sorry to hear about your kidney damage but glad it is reversible.
          Have you and your doctor found another treatment that works for you?
          Jillian ( Team)

        2. What do you mean by saying it is the same drug? I know that Topamax and Trokendi are the same drug, just encapsulated differently to release at different rates. Is Diamox the same drug (topiramate) as well?

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