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Disability in Canada (AISH)

Having a huge problem finding a job that will work with my daily migraines and other issues. Starting to think about taking the plunge and trying to get some help through AISH. I can't find much helpful info on applying here in Alberta. Search function is not pulling up anything. Should I use a lawyer? Which doctor to send in paperwork - family doctor is brand new, have doc who does my trigger point injections from the same clinic as GP who has known me for 3 years, useless "headache specialist" who just gave up on me after 3 visits? How long does it take? What are the chances of getting it on the first go? Not sure where to go to get good answers and help in sending in paperwork. Thanks.

  1. I'm in BC. I'm on Provincial Long Term Disability. You may want to call the provincial disability office in AB. Independent Resource Centres are a great place to ask too. Most usually have advocates on staff. Here is the link to the Calgary site:

    1. Thank you very much, I did glance through the sites, I ended up going to our health centre/urgent care and they let me talk with one of the social workers. Got some advice and they will help look through my application before I send it in. Now to somehow make my 3 years of migraine journals into something that is more clear on the severity and lack of progress with treatment.

      Through some clicking around I also found a website link that had some tips and an AISH tip guide on how to apply and fill in the forms.

      Still terrified from all the horror stories online about those who have tried to apply in the states. I'm hoping our system is a little different here, downside of having only chronic pain and invisible issues. :/. My GP is also brand new so I have to convince my trigger point doctor to fill in the paperwork since he has known me for 3 years and even my headache specialist just dropped me.

    2. Well, I'm happy you have found some support. In BC the system is a bit difficult but not that bad. But you have known your doctor for 3 yrs so that's something. Canada's healthcare system may be broken but not that bad.

      All the best Tamara.


  2. Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for your question. Being is the U.S. I don't have anything to contribute for Canada's disability process. Hopefully others will be along shortly to share their experiences with you.


    1. Hey Tamara,

      Were you able to check out the links I sent you and talk to someone about financial support? Look forward to your reply so I know how this works in Alberta.

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