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Does anyone feel vertigo/spinny after eating?

Just wondering if anyone else out there feels their migraine symptoms sometimes get worse after eating. I haven't felt this acutely for a while, but this week it seems to have come back in full force. I will eat, feel a bit funny after and then I start to feel vertigo, as if I was being pulled to one side, and spinny. I also get nausea. One more weird symptom I get with my migraines. But I am grateful for this site because I don't feel so mental anymore, I know there are other people that also deal with symptoms others would consider plain crazy.

: )

  1. Have you seen our article on the Gut-Brain Connection? That might offer you some insights into your symptoms. Because the brain and digestive system are so uniquely connected, lots of strange symptoms can show up during migraine. Take a look:


    1. Thanks Tammy! Super interesting read. Never knew how interconnected the brain and stomach are. Now I understand better why my tummy feels so messed up sometimes.

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