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Is it normal to feel as if your skin is burning/ you have a sunburn?

I was diagnosed with migraines a year ago but recently, about a month ago have started been getting the brunt of the attacks. My migraines are do not respond to triptans and I have started to have this burning sensation as if I have a sunburn on my upper back as well as my forearms. It is worse when AC/ fan is on or when clothing/ my skin is rubbed against. It is becoming more of a constant pain as time goes on. I have tried to do my research and it looks like this is described as Allodynia? I have tried to call my neurologist but he said these don't sound like neurological symptoms. Anyone else gone through this/ similar symptoms?

  1. Hi there jess_even8,

    Thanks so much for your question. You are certainly not alone in experiencing Allodynia. In fact, I have quit a few resources to share with you that you may find useful to review. Be sure to take a look at the member comments at the conclusion as well which may also provide you some piece of mind!

    Sure hope this helps & please always feel free to reach out.
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi: I get Allodynia but it's mainly on my head and face. My skin will feel hot during an attack and sometimes before or after one. I know that migraines can co-exist with other conditions, like Fibromyalgia, so it may not be migraine-related. Have you had your vitamin levels checked out? I had a bad vitamin D deficiency and it caused weird nerve pains. Things that are symptoms of the migraines occur before, during and after the migraines, but I don't think they occur consistently when you're not having one.

      1. Yup very common ...... my entire head feels like it's on fire and the tiniest move of my hair feels like a blow torch. I normally get it for a days at a time, then randomly settles and comes back. Although at my worse I did have it on my face, scalp, neck, upper arms and thighs for about a month solid (aka HELL).

        I personally have never found anything that works very well to treat it - my trigger point injections on the scalp (injecting lidocaine) dulls it for about 6 months, sometimes peppermint oil or tiger balm dulls it (pretty sure just because you feel the cooling sensation instead) but of course they only work on areas without hair.

        So don't feel alone, lots of us are in the same boat. Hope you are feeling good today!

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