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Fired for having an illness!

I was just fired from my new job as a direct result of my chronic migraines (which I informed them of before I was hired). Has anybody else dealt with this? Do you have any tips on how I should proceed with Social Security Disability or have any other methods of dealing with the aftermath?

  1. AlyAdair!
    This makes me so sad to hear this. How long had you been at your job? At any point did anyone in your company talk to you about the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This law protects those who have medical issues. You can be absent from your job for a combined total of 12 weeks within a one year period and your employer is required to keep your job open for you or a job that is equivalent. Here's more about FMLA. You should research if your rights were violated. (I'm not suggesting suing them, just want you to be aware of the law).

    Next step is to look into Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). This can be a long and tedious process. I suggest that you first ask your doctor if he/she would support you in this process. Having a doctor attest that you cannot work is seriously important. Then you should find an attorney or advocacy group that specifically helps people file their SSDI claims. It's a confusing process and can be even harder when you don't feel well. Most places don't get paid unless you win your claim. This article may help you to start some research:

    Feel free to ask more questions. I've been through the process and can try to help!
    -Katie Moderator

    1. AlyAdair,

      I'm sending you good vibes. I'm terrified of what happened to you happening to me. I'm self-employed — I have been for 13+ years now. But since the migraines, which have come on and gotten progressively worse with perimenopause, I feel debilitated. I've lost work (not due to the migraines) and have not picked up more (due to the migraines). I'm getting extremely depressed and that's just a downward spiral that I feel only exacerbates the migraines — or is it the other way around? What's worse, I'm guilt-ridden because while I do have symptoms every day, now that I take magnesium, I'm more of a constant prodrome sufferer — I don't get the screaming pain so many others here suffer, but I'm hyper-sensitive to light, sound and smell, get blurry vision, brain fog, verbal disturbances, nausea and neck pain constantly. And then there's the fatugue. I actually feel guilty that I don't feel worse or have huge pain, because it seems like a constant "almost migraine" and I feel like I should be able to function through that... which I CAN, but only on a very low level. Like laundry. :-/

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