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Going to propose to my girlfriend that has migraine, any advice?

So, I'm going to propose to my girlfriend, and was thinking of asking at a natural rock amphitheater we both love, which involves a couple hour drive. However, she suffers from serious migraines that can be exacerbated by being in the car for long periods. I was wondering if there's anything preventative I can do for her in the days prior, and for the drive, so that she doesn't have to deal with a migraine or have one prevent the occasion. It's a setting I know she would like, but I'd rather figure something else out if it's not feasible. I figured it would be good to ask here for advice first though.

  1. Hi RiverStGrey,

    How exciting - congratulations!!

    Has your girlfriend tried Dramamine for a lengthy car ride? She may want to try that or Sea Bands, another OTC motion sickness treatments. I've heard from people who experience motion sickness who have good luck with these.

    If she can avoid as many triggers as she can the week or so before you go, that may be helpful. But the problem is, she can be the perfect migraine patient, do everything correctly, and still get a migraine attack 🙁.

    If worse comes to worse, an alternate spot may be necessary.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!

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