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Does anyone else find that humidity plays a factor in causing a Migraine?

This summer has been the worst for high humidity and every time it spikes I get a migraine. Can't wait for summer to be over

  1. Hi louisamay29,

    Thank you for your question. I can tell you you're not alone. I have a difficult time with severe changes in the barometric pressure as many of us who have migraine disease. This article has information on weather triggered migraine attacks along with a few tips and how to treat it; And this article may help as well -

    I hope this helps!

    1. Wow. I’m so sorry to hear! You must be in Australia or New Zealand or? I have to say that I was certainly hoping that moving away from the more humid environment would have helped more in having less migraines. It did help somewhat, so I guess some is better than none. But it’s nowhere near as good as it seemed like it might have been, based on our first summer up here. That summer, I was pain free for about 6 weeks! Some kind of record for me! So, naturally, I thought, I’m saved! Well, it must have been partially coincidental, because that has not happened again since. I wish you less pain,& a good life.

      1. Thanks - yes I'm in Sydney Australia

    2. Hi there ,

      In addition to these nice responses you have already received, I thought I'd share one additional article with you that discusses a medication that "may" help for those that are triggered by weather. - The weather here in the US on the East Coast has be brutal! Many balmy days in the 50's then a day later in the teens! Winter has been no fun. 🙁 Thanks for your question & for being here. -Joanna ( Team)

      1. Yup. I live in BC. Too hot or too cold. Humidity does me in

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