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I'm so frustrated!

I just got the notice of denial from the judge for disability. They said I can do house keeping or work in laundry or whatever. The smells... if not the lights would make me miserable. the paperwork goes through doctor visits since 2011. They never make note of the cancelled apts because it was too bad to drive. No they note I have a normal gate and seem functional. Oh I'm sorry... I must been fine since I didnt puke on ur shoes! It also notes that I've not been to the er. The one time I went to the er... they told me to take my rescue meds again and call my neurologist... so why would I drag my miserable butt to the er Everytime I have a migraine that sends me to bed for three weeks? Also who can afford to go to the er? Yes I have insurance but it's still not cheap! I can appeal but is it worth it?? Getting my hopes up... to be told I can do something that I know I can't.

  1. HI rlc25e,

    I'm so very sorry - that is disappointing. I know you're frustrated right now, but you may want to appeal with the help of a lawyer. I was successful using a lawyer.

    I'd like to share our information on SSDI in case you haven't seen it, hopefully it will be helpful;

    Keep me posted on how you are doing,

    1. Hi,

      I don't know whether to be here or on the "desperate" thread, but I'm somewhere in there. I don't contribute much because my photophobia is so severe, I can't stand the screen longer than 15-20 minutes, even with TheraSpecs.

      I've been a member here for several years - a migraineur for 50 years. Now in another episode of chronic daily migraines since 2013. I have a wonderful neurologist & pain management doc who have me on an excellent regimine, I believe you'd agree. I avoid over-use meds very judiciously & never take opioids. I've gotten Botox regularly for 2 years. My neurologist finds me to be one of the most difficult cases he's seen, & he is very well respected in my area here in FL. (I have other co-morbidities)

      After seeing the videos from The Migraine Summit, I made an appointment with Dr Teshamae Monteith, a headache specialist affiliated with Univ. of Maimi. I made the appointment in June - the earliest opening was October!!! I desperately wish I could get rid of daily status migraines that last for many days. I'll have months with only 3 or 4 headache-free days. I keep a list of the movies I've watched on TV because moving around hurts so much. My 3 Maxalt a week days are only of some relief at this point.

      I'm going to try to spend more of my screen time catching up here - can you tell me how to increase my point size when I'm typing? And how do I get to my own profile to add my picture? Thanks!

      And I know you understand how much this just sucks. I don't have triggers - other than heredity and waking up in the morning! I DO have triggers that increase my pain, and I know them very well! (Does anyone know how to avoid fighting with your hubby? He is wonderful, but it happens sometimes, right? 😉


      1. Hi, Susan! We're glad that you're here and we appreciate you joining in the conversation whenever you're able.

        To get your own profile, simply register at the top of the right-hand banner by clicking the "Register" link under the computer screen graphic.

        You can increase the size of the type on the page in your browser.
        -In Firefox, go to the "View tab" and click "Zoom" to zoom in, and reset to return it to "Normal", you can also check "Zoom text only" to enlarge just the text.
        -In Interner Explorer, click "View", and then click Text size.
        -In Chrome, click "Menu Settings", then click "Show Advanced Settings", then "Web Content", and finally "Page Zoom".

        Hope that helps! - All Best, Donna ( team)

        1. Thank you Donna! Turns out my post is showing up in larger point size once it posted after I submitted it than it does when I'm keying it in. That's probably because I'm on my iPad. I also don't know how to shrink down my pic to fit the image size, sigh. I'll have to read the online manual about how to do that.

          Back to catching up on articles appearing here. Thx for your kind response - I so appreciate it.


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