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Where can I find the Imitrex injections?

I can no longer get the Imitrex injections in the area where I live. The pharmacies are not able to get the medication, and have no knowledge of what happened to the medication. Imitrex does come in pill form, but it does not work as well for me. Any information would be helpful.

  1. Hi Tomsmom,

    I'm sorry you are having trouble getting Imitrex injections, that must be frustrating. There was a shortage this year, but according to the FDA site ( it seems to be resolved.
    Have you tried other pharmacies to see if they can get it?

    I use sumatriptan nasay spray which works good for me. That may be something to think about in the meantime.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out,

    1. Yes, I have tried other pharmacies, and although the pharmacists at these drugstores are sure they can get the medication for me, they call my home within an hour or two to tell me they can not get the Imitrex injections either.

      1. a long time ago I was on the pill form of Imitrex shots. I was told that the shots were no longer made. have you tried on line? I have a friend that gets it through the mail from one of the pharmacies there. he has his doctor to work out the way to do it . maybe asking your doctor if that could work with you if nothing else its something to try. I really hope you can fine it.

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