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Is Botox Really Worth It?

I am due to get Botox in 2 weeks. This is my last resort as my migraines have gone from episodic to chronic in the last few months. Any tips? Will they apply lidocaine? Any success stories?

  1. Hi ,

    In my opinion, YES! Botox is totally worth it. I started Botox in 2016 and my attacks have been reduce by half! And many of the attack I now have seem to respond better to triptans.

    The injections themselves are not that painful, really, it's like a little pinch, no lidocaine needed. I have found if I'm relaxed they don't seem to pinch as much. It's very quick.

    Does the doctor you'll be seeing have a lot of experience with Botox? That seems to make a difference as well.

    Please don't lose hope!! If Botox doesn't work ( and it can take three, or four rounds before we see improvement) there are over 100 medications, supplements and devices in addition to lifestyle modifications that can be used to treat migraine disease. You got this!!

    Keep me posted!

    1. Agree - it took two goes for me to see any improvement - but it's only marginal for me. Covid then got in the way of my progress and I lost two months - just got back on and my Headache doc called me to a caravan in the hospital parking lot and did the botox there in a caravan! I was grateful. Despite being terrified of the covid zombies being bussed in and out.

  2. Thank you so much! He is very experienced.

    1. I am on session 3 of botox. It has helped a little bit. I am a full on Chronic migrainer. I had no lidocaine! they just went in there with 40 head and neck shots. after the second go it reduced me from 15 migraine days to 6 for one month but it only lasts 2 months. I am on 150mg topamax a day as well. If you are a woman you will be able to take the pain lol its only a little scratch ..... I just want some Emgality or Ajovy personally but i am in the UK with no insurance and a terrible state funded health system that decided not to go with CGRPs. I may self fund but that is USD500 an an injection in UK money. I am not rich.

      1. Ensure the medic is on watch with the face shots, they gave me a droopy eyelid one go. They do one right between the eyes which can make you lose expression. I have no idea why anyone would +want+ botox in their face.

      2. Thank you! I am on no other preventatives so this one of my last hopes in having a family and reducing my migraines. I’m nervous because I want it work but don’t want to put so much hope on it.

    2. I have had migraines all my life but not more than one a month, until I was thrown from a horse and broke my back...they became chronic after, more then 15 a month and lasting up to 3 days!
      I have been getting Botox injections now for about 2 years and love it! I am allergic to Tryptans and Topamax made me unable to function! I really didn't want to try a new medicine as I was on a new medicine, Baycol, years ago when it was recalled. My Migraines have been reduced to 4 to 7 a month and now I can manage the ones I get with over the counter medicines most of the time.
      Yes, it does make you lose a bit of facial expressions, but to me a small price to pay for the getting a lot of my life back.
      To me it feels like a pinch, not painful and goes away quickly.
      Hope Botox will give you good results.

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