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Ketamine therapy

Has anyone tried ketamine therapy for their chronic migraines? I’m looking into it and as I research there are mixed feelings.

  1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for the question- I wonder about this as well. Where are the mixed feelings coming from? I hope folks chime in with their experiences here- but in the meantime, here's a link to all the resources we have on this topic: I hope you can find some useful insights there. Please share what you choose to do - and if you proceed, we'd love to hear how it goes for you. I know it was transformative for one of my best friends who lives with PTSD and related depression/anxiety. Thinking of you and always to glad to see you here. All love, Holly ( team).

    1. Thank you for the link Holly and I will post what I find and results if I choose to do. If anyone has any other personal insight, please let me know. Thank you!! Michele

      1. Hi mbabi1970. I can share my Ketamine story. About 3-4 years ago I was miserable 8-9/10 pain and nothing was helping. I had heard about Ketamine. I did my research. There was a new office about 10-15” drive from my home that was starting to give IV ketamine based on weight and delivered over 45” or so. I was required to speak to the Psychiatrist that ran the clinic. After a consultation with her, I was weighed and walked upstairs to their room. When I spoke to the Psychiatrist, she answered my questions about how long the ketamine infuses, what I may feel like and how I would feel when awake after the infusion. It was a small, quiet room with curtains drawn and a relaxing chair that I would lay in during the treatment. The nurse prepared the ketamine infusion after the Psychiatrist checked the dosing.
        The nurse inserted my very small IV and hooked up the ketamine. It was run by a mechanical pump so the precise amount of ketamine would be given over a scheduled time. Within 15” I started to feel sleepy and had vivid dreams of not being where I was. Although, if the doctor or nurse called my name I could awaken easily. The results: it temporarily eased my migraines over a few hours then the pain returned. It was suggested by the psychiatrist that I schedule 6 appointments over 3 weeks. After that time, I could reevaluate my pain level and decide if I was continuing the ketamine infusions or stopping. It was about $2k for the first 6 infusions, then $350 to $400 per infusion. My husband needed to drive me home (per the rules) and I was not allowed to drive for 24 hrs. after the infusion. The cost was very prohibitive even though it helped a little.
        Good luck on your journey !
        I now have a nasal inhaler of ketamine to use as needed for migraine pain. I find that very effective. I use it sparingly.
        I hope this helps.

        1. weird dreams are always an interesting side effect of medications. I experienced that with a different medication before.
          - Alene, moderator

        2. This is such helpful information for those of us considering this route. I plan to discuss this option with my doctor at my next appointment. Thank you for sharing your experiences here. Grateful you are with us. - Warmly- Holly team

      2. Hi. I’m looking into it and seeing where I can get it and what costs would be. I am also still unsure if it’s right for me but once I gather all the info, I’ll decide. If I do decide to do it, I will let you and the community know the results. Thanks Holly.

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