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Leaving for MHNI

Hello everyone,

I'm obviously new here. I've had chronic headaches since I was around 14. I am now 22, so it has only been 8 years. I have had this particular headache for 6 months. I got into MHNI and they are now running my insurance. I leave for MHNI on the 26th, and will be evaluated the 27th. They said I will most likely be inpatient. I've been reading this forum quite a bit. I had a few questions about MHNI.

1) Are they one of the best in the US?
2) What do you do there? Is it like counseling, pain psychologists, etc?
3) Do they put a picc line in you?

Thanks so much,


  1. Also, another question is, what should I bring? I know a pillow and a blanket and the necessities. What else do I need to bring?



    1. Hi Michelle32,

      Thank you for your questions. I wish I had the answers for you, but I've never been to MNHI. We do have information from another member who has been there you can find here;

      I did take a look at their site, and they have some travel planning information you can see here;

      Take a look at that information I hope it helps!

      1. These helped a ton. Thank you.


    2. Great! I can't wait for an update.


      1. So, I leave for MHNI in 2 days. I am very nervous and glad that I am going, because I have been in excruciating pain the past few days. I'm ready to get relief.


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