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Lets talk about the whole Migraine

I've been wondering why we seem to only refer to the headache part of our migraines as "migraines". Yes, the headaches are awful, but the other components of Migraine are as bad or worse. For me the brain fog, blurred vision and dizziness are as big a problem as the actual headache. I feel that if all the symptoms of Migraine were more openly discussed, people may be less inclined to say "It's only a headache. How bad can it be?". Even television adds only refer to the headache component of Migraine, promising relief from the pain, but not the whole Migraine.
I believe we are doing ourselves a big dis-serves by continuing this practice and that it is the Migraine suffer who needs to get the word out that our Migraines are more than just the headache.

  1. Hi Carolelaine,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments - I couldn't agree more! I personally feel its about education, both in the medical community and general public. As we know migraine is much more than a headache, it's a genetic neurological disease!

    You may be interested in Dr. William Young's perspective on this:


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