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I went thru the list and didn't see any commentary on this one. So....anyone out there ever try Lithium for migraines or clusters or both? I have literally exhausted so many classes of drug preventatives and currently am on Zonegran after being on Topomax which I think the Topomax was working better but both are failing truly. I've been holding out(years) the dr wants to put me on Depakote which the side effects look worse than the migraines; then he says there's good ol' Lithium. Like has been around forever to treat serious mental health issues which is fine....if it works...for MIGRAINES...Anyone?? Side effects? I get how almost all our preventatives have not been created for migraines but sorta work on them(ha ha) anyone have any luck on this one?

  1. Hi. I have not tried Lithium but my doctor keeps bringing this up as she thinks I have migraine and hemicrania continuia and the Indomethacin is making me miserable but it works. I have told her no so far as it seems far fetched. I was coming to this forum to ask the same question of other individuals. I have tried Depakote and it worked but i had side effects. I was on a combination of elavil topamax and propranolol with fair control . I hope we can get an answer from someone as right now I'm running scared from that drug....

    1. I haven't been on lithium either, but have been on Depakote, which is in the same class of drugs. It was helpful, but at too high a dose I would get the shakes and get very nauseaous. If you are on lithium, there could be complications if you take Topamax at the same time, so be careful of that.

      If you decide to take it, your doc should start you at a low dose and increase every few weeks to make sure you can tolerate it.

      -Katie Moderator

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