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Macoven Pharmaceutical

Apparently as of January 1,2015 Macoven no longer has FDA approval for their Midrin alternative. I found this out when I went to CVS to pick up my monthly refill and my Insurance would no longer pay. My new cost was going to be $300 instead of $10. Thought I would pass this on to others as well. Hopefully they or another Pharmaceutical Company will apply for FDA approval.

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I totally understand - I've been paying over $250 for my Midrin equivalent for a while now. I've tried all seven the triptans - Imitrex, Amerge, Axert, Frova, Maxalt, Relpax and Zomig, but Midrin is the only thing for me that will abort an attack. Triptans are either not effective or I experience 'triptan sensation.' Triptan sensation is when we feel flush, tightness/heaviness in the chest, face and/or other areas. It can even feel like a heart attack. Anyone who experiences this, should contact their doctor.

    Midrin went on the market years ago and didn't go through the FDA's stringent approval process that's in place now. In order for the brand Midrin to stay on the market, it would need to go through the clinical trial process and be officially FDA approved. That would cost millions and the pharmaceutical company won't do that. You may want to read more about this here;

    It's frustrating when the one medication that stops our attacks is so cost prohibitive.


    1. You mean compounding pharmacies don't do it anymore? My mom doesn't take it any more so I don't know.

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