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Are there any other men over 60 with abdominal migraines?

I was told, at age 19, by a Navy doctor that I had a migraine head ache. The next time was 4 yrs ago, at age 62. I was told by a Neurologist I have abdominal migraines. I don't get a head ache, instead with the 1st attack It woke me at 4am and I started dry heaves then diarrhea. After about 9hrs of this I went to the ER. The next one was a year later and lasted about 12hrs, the next was 3 months later, then they went to once a month, and now every 12 to 14 days with the hangover never ending. Other than the 1st attack I have not had a head ache. Most of my attacks come around 4am but I had them start as late as 9am. Most are as described early with variations in length of attack ( 4 to 14hrs ) and length of cycle. I have not read much about cycles during an attack so I will try to describe mine, as with many other suffers I get awakened and know it is coming. Within 5mins I am dry heaving this can last 10 to 25mins, then I get a break ( during the break I get diarrhea ) which last 10mins to a few hours.

My migraines are evolving. I say that because of the way they have changed over time, started out infrequent, now roughly every 2 weeks. The cycles have changed as well, from the start of heaving in one cycle to heaving in the next was around 30mins, now it can vary from 30mins to as much as 3hrs. The hangover was 1 to 3 days, now it is never ending. As for treatment, when I was diagnosed with abdominal migraine by a neurologist ( he was recommended by another neurologist as a migraine specialist, didn't get see Doc saw P.A. It took 9 months to see if I qualified to see him, then 2 months to get appointment ), I was given script for Sumatriptan tablets and pushed me out the door never to be seen again, When the next attack came on I took the med and promptly through it up, it took another 6 months, and a lot of hard work to get Zomig nasal spray, I think it has helped some with intensity, and the evolution described earlier. I have back problems and take oxycodone for it, the oxy also helps some with the hangover, don't know if it would help with an attack as I can not swallow anything I don't want to throw-up. More people with abdominals need to try to get in to any migraine studies they can to help get us known.

I have other health problems and see several different doctors, nurses, and techs, most have never heard of abdominal migraines, we need help and the only way to get it is to get known and to educate the ones who should be helping. Check Government health studies, these studies are conducted not by the Government but for it.

  1. Hi , As you wait for for others to possibly share their feedback, you may want to explore a forum page that we have dedicated to those that are living with migraine and that are 55 years & older. You can explore that page here. Additionally, here a link to all of our resources that we have on abdominal migraine.

    Always feel free to reach out.

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